Global terrorism: The multibillion dollar business

When most people think of terrorism or terrorist groups, often thoughts immediately go to violent terrorist attacks, extremist ideologies, or war- zones. What individuals often don’t think of is the oxygen that keeps terrorist groups breathing – money. At their root, however, terrorist groups are in the business of raising funds and seeking out financial sustainability. Without solvency, groups would be unable to fund their operations and, therefore, unable to spread their ideologies. To quote Amos Gilad, the former director of the Israeli Defense Ministry’s Political-Military Affairs Bureau, finance is indispensable and “like fuel for the car.”

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Active shooter events are increasingly being discussed on the news as a fact of life for Americans. Many individuals live their lives concerned that they or a loved one will be a victim of an active shooter event. The Parkland and Newtown further amplified the anxiety as caused substantial loss life and were targeting schools and students. Such gruesome and heart-wrenching events create an impression that most school shooter events are such high-profile, mass casualty events. Such events are not, in fact, common nor are such mass casualty events, where four or more individuals die, increasing. According to numbers published by Northeastern University, schools are, indeed, safer than they were in the 1990’s.

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Airside Security - Perimeter Protection For Airports

When the public thinks of airport security, they often immediately think of the Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) putting in place measures or barriers to prevent malicious individuals from either getting through airport security or, if the individual happens to make it through the security checkpoint, perpetrate a crime – e.g., hijacking – while on the plan. Measures such as locked cockpits enhanced screenings, and identification document requirements (e.g., the Real ID Act in the United States) are some measures that have been taken since the terrorist attacks on 9/11 to strengthen airport security.

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