Much effort, in the last few decades, has been made throughout much of the world to proactively prevent terrorist attacks. Much effort has been put into securing targets such as nuclear reactors, military bases, major government buildings (e.g., the Congress, White House, and various parliament buildings around the world), and airports. For the latter especially, anyone that traveled prior to the September 11th attacks is acutely aware of the heightened security that now exists at airports.

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Drones to Search Find and Rescue Victims Faster

Drones have been a big topic of discussion in the public sphere for the past few years. Some have concentrated on how drones are used by defense and intelligence forces to track and assassinate members of terrorist groups; others have concentrated on the use of drones by police authorities to conduct surveillance and the privacy implications of such activities; and others have concerned themselves with the economic impact of drones and their expected use by companies such as Amazon to disrupt the delivery market. One area that has shown significant promise for drone technology while not necessarily receiving a level attention equal to the use cases described above is the area of search and rescue.

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Family suicide bombers: A new trend for militants

Most, when they think of suicide bombers, think of the lone bomber – often a younger male that is - in some manner, disaffected from society for some reason which, subsequently, renders him susceptible to radicalization. Originally deployed by the nationalist Tamil Tigers (LTTE) in their conflict with the Sri Lankan government over the creation of a Tamil nation in the island’s north and east (which they called Elam), Jihadist organizations throughout the world added a religious dimension to the tactic. Contrary to the stereotype, the demographics of suicide bombers has been diversifying for years, and, indeed, from its inception in Sri Lanka, suicide bombing was not wholly male-dominated. For example, over a two week period in the summer of 2017, multiple ISIS (Islamic State) suicide attacks were conducted by a woman and at least one involved a woman killing both herself and her young child

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