Amir Lechner, Founder and CEO

Mr. Lechner is a world-renowned security intelligence and risk management expert.  With over 30 years of experience and advanced training in field intelligence, Amir’s deep bench strength in anti-terrorist methodologies, aviation security management, threat assessments and analyses of various topics ranging from terrorism to kidnapping for ransom, makes him an industry leader who’s advice has been sought after by leading Fortune 500 companies and the media.  Mr. Lechner’s writings are regularly published in the British security magazine INTERSEC as well as presented at the annual ASIS International conference. His work has been featured in virtual forums, local chapters, radio stations and many other security organizations and trade conferences.  Prior to founding ThreatRate Amir held a various security management positions at EI AI Airlines security division, the security department of the Consulate General of Israel in New York, American Airline Services and ASI group (now Frontier Medex). Mr. Lechner holds a BA in Architecture from Pratt Institute and an MA in Urban Design from the City College of the City University of New York.

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Dov Jehonatan, Senior Consultant

During his 30 years service in the Israeli General Security Service (also known as the Shin-bet), Dov Jehonatan has held positions in the fields of counter-terrorism, counter-intelligence and physical security management. He began his career in the Israeli Defense Forces' (IDF) counter-terror unit, operating against terrorist groups across the Egyptian and Jordanian borders. Following his honorable service in the IDF, he was recruited to the Shin-bet. Mr. Jehonatan is an expert on radical Islam and terrorism, knowledge gained through years of recruiting and operating agents. These agents provided valuable information on various terrorist organizations, which helped prevent countless terrorist attacks on Israeli interests and citizens. During his term, Dovik also served as the Chief Security Officer (CSO) to all of Israel's diplomatic missions, institutions and interests in the Southern part of Africa, including the Republic of South Africa.  Mr. Jehonatan has vast knowledge and experience in aviation security overseeing security teams at El Al Israeli Airlines, and managing numerous foreign stations including New York and New Jersey.  Mr. Jehonatan holds a Bachelors and Masters Degree in the areas of Strategic Studies and National Security, from Bar Ilan University and Haifa University respectively.

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Kobi Sharav, Senior Consultant

Mr. Sharav is a highly respected security expert with over twenty years of experience in the Israeli General Security Service. He has held several leadership positions during his assignments with EI AI Israeli Airlines and the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Kobi has worked in Israel's embassies, consulates and national flag carrier stations worldwide, where he was in charge of planning, recruiting, training and managing security operations.  Mr. Sharav is an expert in preparing emergency evacuation plans from conflict zones and has direct experience organizing and arranging complicated missions in hostile territories. Mr. Sharav served at the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) where he attained the rank of Major. During his term in the IDF, Kobi served in the Special Forces as well as a company commander at the IDF Officer's School. Mr. Sharav also served as a special envoy in a military delegation to Zaire (Congo). In addition Mr. Sharav also worked as an advisor to the International Organization for Migration (IOM) in Rwanda, where he established security plans and regulations for their offices and personnel. Kobi also drafted an evacuation plan for the organization's employees from Goma, Democratic Republic of Congo as well as logistical and operational plans for migration of refugees. Mr. Sharav holds a Bachelor of Arts in Human Behavior. He also holds a private pilot license and speaks French, Hebrew and English fluently.

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Anat Lechner, phd, BOA

Dr. Lechner is a board advisor to ThreatRate, a Professor of Business at the Stern School of Business NYU, and an entrepreneur. A former Research Fellow at McKinsey and the founder of a boutique management-consulting firm and several startups, her client list includes global companies in the financial services, pharmaceutical, chemical, energy, food, design, high-tech and retail industries. Dr. Lechner is a judge on the E&Y Entrepreneur of the Year annual competition and serves on several boards. She has been mentioned in the WSJ, Forbes, NY Times and a variety of professional magazines around the world. She holds an MBA and a PhD in Organization Management from Rutgers University, NJ

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Isaac Gottlieb, Data Scientist

Dr. Gottlieb expertise lies in the areas of Operation Management, Analytic Techniques for Decision making/ Management Science, Simulations, and Statistical Data Models.  Holding a Ph.D., Industrial and Management Engineering from Columbia University Dr. Gottlieb academic affiliations include the Fox Business School of Temple University,  Rutgers Business School, Stern, NYU and GBS at Columbia University.  He is the recipient of the Microsoft Excel Award MVP (Most Valuable Professional) for 2014-2016 and has over 25 years of industrial experience in manufacturing and consulting.

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Speaking Engagements

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