Sri Lanka April 2019 attacks

In the early morning of Easter Sunday on April 21, 2019, seven suicide bombers carried out near-simultaneous bombing attacks targeting three churches, including St. Sebastian church (in Negombo), St. Anthony's Church (in Kochchikade), Zion Church (in Batticaloa) and four luxury hotels in the capital Colombo, from the Shangri La Hotel, to the Cinnamon Grand Hotel, the Kingsbury Hotel and the Tropical Inn guesthouse. According to initial official reports, the attacks claimed the lives of at least 359 people, (death toll numbers were later updated) including as many as 38 foreigners, and 500 other were wounded.

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ThrteatRate 2018 Global K&R report

ThreatRate’s Kidnap for Ransom Annual Report offers global and regional kidnapping analytics and trend insights. Data is derived form various credible open sources and is focused only on insurable kidnap for ransom activity and outcomes that would be of interest to our corporate clients, governmental agencies NGOs and our academic collaborators. The report reviews global K&R analytics first, before taking a deeper dive into the three key regions were most kidnapping incidents took place in 2018. Only events that would meet the criteria of insurance providers are recorded. As such, the report does not cover global kidnappings of illegal immigrants by human traffickers or gang wars (“bad on bad”) kidnappings.

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Seismic activity: A danger to travelers

It is not hyperbole to state that not a day passes without some sort of seismic activity. One can, if curious, view a listing here and see that – as an example – on June 25, 2018, there were twenty seismic events worldwide. The frequency is such that there were, on average, nearly 1500 earthquakes a year over the last few years. While some areas – e.g., the significant parts of the interior of the United States such as the Great Lakes region – are relatively quiet from a seismic perspective other regions and countries throughout the world are extremely seismically active.

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